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    Conversion action Online purchase with processed valid payment
    Cookie days 30 days
    Commission type Percent of Sale
    Base commission 0.00%
    Additional terms You can earn up to 10% commission on each subscription of Immerse SW once a user makes a purchase through your affiliate link. For annual and monthly subscriptions, you continue to receive a commission throughout each user’s subscription duration. We pay you early and we pay you fast. Commissions earned during a month are paid on the 15th of the following month. For example - if you generate a sale anytime during Jan 1-31, you will receive payment by Feb 15.
    Embody is the world leader in personalized spatial audio. It was founded in Nov 2016 and is headquartered in San Mateo, California, with operations in North America, Japan, and Europe. As passionate musicians, gamers, and sound designers, we are driven to perfect our craft by fusing acoustics and machine learning to create sound experiences that your ears were made to hear. Sound crafted for you, not for the masses.